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    Excise Tax Advisory

    Do you want to learn more about excise tax in Dubai? Innovex can help.

    Products that affect human health and the environment, such as cigarettes made with locally grown tobacco leaves and electrically heated smoking devices (rather than traditional pipes and chewing gum), are subject to excise tax. Dubai and the rest of the UAE started levying this indirect tax in 2017 to reduce the consumption of goods harmful to humans while generating revenue that can fund public services.

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     Innovex Tax Consultant Co. is a renowned accounting and bookkeeping organization in the UAE that provides excise tax registration services in Dubai and assists businesses with tax audits and payments. With assistance from our competent tax consultants, you can ensure that your reported excise tax liability is accurate and your returns are filed within the timeframe specified by the tax authority.

    What goods are subject to excise tax?

    What goods will necessitate excise tax registration in the UAE? You can use the following as a general guideline:

    What goods are exempt from excise taxes?

    The following goods are not subject to excise tax:

    Which companies must register for excise tax in Dubai?

    Excise registration is legally mandated for the companies that handle or are part of the supply chain for excisable goods released for consumption in the UAE. These include the following:

    Excise registration is legally mandated for the companies that handle or are part of the supply chain for excisable goods released for consumption in the UAE. These include the following.

    Excise taxes are levied primarily to reduce the consumption of unhealthy products and discourage the sale of harmful goods like cigarettes and sweetened products. They also accomplish the following:

    According to Cabinet Decision No. 52 of 2019, the following are the applicable excise tax rates in the UAE:

    It’s best to work with a company that provides excise tax registration service in the UAE to ensure a smooth registration, full legal compliance, accurate excise tax liability calculations, and timely filings. You can use the following list of requirements as a general guideline on what documents you must prepare prior to registration:

    The UAE Federal Tax Authority is the government agency that administers, enforces and collects federal taxes, including excise taxes. It has the following duties and characteristics:

    The FTA has the authority to charge penalties on those who don’t abide by the federal government’s tax laws. The following are some of the excise-tax-related penalties it may impose:

    Excise Tax Advisory Services in the UAE

    Innovex can help you avoid unnecessary financial and reputational damages due to noncompliance with excise tax laws. We can help you maintain a strong relationship with local and regional customs through our extensive industry and consultancy experience. The following are some of the services we provide:

    Stock Counting
    We can help you efficiently count your stock on a specific date and time to verify the accuracy of the tax. We facilitate and assist throughout the process, from the planning to implementation and post-implementation stages. We are involved in the entire transaction life cycle. Taxation, company legislation, foreign exchange regulations, stamp duty and accounting issues are all factors to consider.
    Verification and Stock Audit
    We will physically verify any raw materials or work-in-progress goods and provide trusted stock adult services in the UAE.
    Reliable Statutory Audit Service
    We can conduct statutory audits and provide a fair and accurate representation of your financial position.
    Valuation of Assets and Business
    We can help determine the current value of your assets, including buildings, brand, goodwill, and other equipment.
    Tax Planning and Advisory Service
    We can help you with your excise tax registration and reporting obligations and assist you in maximizing all opportunities that can mitigate their impact. Our tax professionals will analyze all of your tax documents and perform all other necessary actions.