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    VAT Registration

    Dubai is a business-friendly city and is famous for its unique buildings and landmarks. Thankfully, Dubai’s tax regulations align with international standards, offering cost-effective and transparent solutions.

    Regardless of whether you operate a small, medium, or large business, it’s imperative to register for VAT in the UAE as per Emirati VAT law. Registering your business under this law signifies official recognition by the Government. VAT registration in the UAE for your enterprise depends on the income developed from your enterprise. Innovex Tax is one of the leading VAT registration companies, which deliver outstanding VAT registration services in Dubai in addition to VAT deregistration, VAT accounting, VAT return filing, etc.

    Types of VAT Registration Services

    There are two types of VAT registration services, companies will select a category based on their annual turnover before applying for VAT registration. These are two categories of VAT:

    • Mandatory VAT Registration
    • Voluntary VAT Registration
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    Mandatory VAT Registration

    Mandatory VAT registration services are needed for all businesses under below mentioned criteria:

    • If the cumulative value of its taxable supplies and imports over the preceding 12 months surpasses the minimum registration point.
    • If the company anticipates that the combined value of its taxable supplies and imports will surpass the mandatory registration threshold within the upcoming 30 days.

     Voluntary VAT Registration

    A business may select Voluntary Registration.

    • If it fulfills the mandatory registration criteria.
    • If the cumulative value of its taxable supplies, imports, or taxable expenses over the previous 12 months surpasses the voluntary registration doorstep.

    VAT Registration for New Company

    For a new company, VAT registration is not necessary. Newly found companies do not need VAT registration services in the UAE. For a new company, VAT registration is only appropriate when is expecting a turnover of AED 187, 500. Below this turnover, they are not mandated to register. FTA will reject their VAT registration application and will not issue the Tax Registration Number (TRN). If you still not clear with the conditions of VAT rules and regulations you can connect with the VAT registration company in UAE that will certainly guide you.

    VAT Registration for International Companies

    If you are a non-UAE resident delivering goods that are located in the UAE to a UAE customer, then you need to register for VAT irrespective of the level of turnover from such sales. International companies must undergo VAT registration and get a VAT number before commencing sales through online platforms in the UAE. VAT registration is obligatory for international companies selling via Amazon in the UAE.

    VAT Registration Services UAE

    Innovex Tax delivers the best VAT-related services such as VAT registration, VAT Filing Services in UAE, and more. We will assist you in exploring your turnover to determine whether you should register for VAT or if it’s advisable to wait. Innovex Tax will make an application for online VAT registration and get the Tax Registration Number (TRN) for your company along with your company VAT certificate issued by the FTA.