Top Accounting and Audit Firms in Dubai, UAE 2024

Top Accounting and Audit Firms in Dubai, UAE 2024

Navigating accounting remains one of the biggest challenges for businesses. UAE tax regulations and payroll details are subject to frequent adjustments. Ranked on top of these challenges can be expansive for several small enterprises. Rather than managing accounting internally, companies frequently opt for the top Dubai audit firms. Searching for the right and top audit firms in Dubai is vital for your enterprise’s success. When it comes to decreasing stress, saving money, and maintaining your finances, auditors in Dubai create all the distinctions. In this blog, we deliver a list of top-ranked audit firms in Dubai. 

Top 10 Audit Firms in Dubai

1. Innovex Tax

Innovex Tax is counted as one of the best in the list of audit firms in Dubai for accounting services. The company has a minimum of 15 years of experience in this field. The company’s team of chartered accountants provides customized services for clients, covering everything from bookkeeping to tax assistance and internal audits. The basic package of this company covers up to 50 monthly transactions and free VAT and ESR assessment. Innovex Tax delivers a free consultation that can assist in seeing if their services would advantage your enterprise. 

2. Abdulla Al Mulla Auditing & Accounting

This audit firm was established in 2016 in Dubai, AM Audit collaborates with both large corporations and SMEs.They deliver all types of accounting services from financial accounting to payroll and inventory management. Clients can also select the Accounting Software Service. The service delivers an induction of an accounting software package and assists in using it. AM Audit also offers a complimentary library of information on UAE tax regulations. The resources encompass a wide spectrum, from VAT regulations to business norms across the zones.

3. Aviaan Accounting

Aviaan Accounting is also one of the best audit firms in Dubai. Their team’s clientele includes retail, trading, oil & gas, construction, and healthcare companies. The services deliver basic bookkeeping and financial statement reconciliation. Aviaan Accounting offers expert assistance with tax filing and prepares your forms for auditing. Additionally, clients can receive support in initiating bookkeeping or utilizing accounting software. Aviaan Accounting can help enterprises assess the financial feasibility of new business ventures. Their case studies demonstrate their ability to transform loss-making companies into profitable ventures using this method.

4. BMS Auditing

BMS is an international bookkeeping firm, that delivers the best Auditing services in UAE. This company has numerous clients in different industries, like construction, financial services, etc. Their customer support system operates 24/7, including weekends. The free help covers the area’s new enterprises’ news and delivers companies’ accounting information.

5. Creative Zone Tax & Accounting

Creative Zone Tax & Accounting is also ranked as the top auditing service in Dubai. The accounting of the company delivers a wide range of financial reposting services. Their services include. 

  • Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • VAT registrations
  • Tax Filings
  • Company audits 

This firm accounting setup package has a fee of around AED 1, 500 for the first year. The fee will be waived if you opt to continue using their accounting services thereafter. The individual costs for diverse accounting practices assist customers in creating the package they require.

6. Emirates Chartered Accountants Group (ECAG)

ECAG is well known for its best auditing services, delivering internal and external audits. This accounting company has operated for nearly two decades, working with SMEs in several industries. Their team of Dubai chartered accountants can conduct on-site visits to your business on a weekly or monthly basis. You can also take benefit of their business setup expertise. The company can deliver even in the cases of unions and accomplishments.

7. Hashtag Startup

Hashtag Startup provides advisory services for corporates and entrepreneurs, including comprehensive accounting solutions. Although accounting constitutes a small portion of the company’s services, it effectively addresses the majority of small business accounting needs. 

They offer an online portal where clients can access accounting data and seek assistance. Their team can assist you by registering for a license, an industry license, or a commercial license. This company also delivers CFO services.


In Dubai, HLB HAMT is one of the best accounting companies, that deliver onsite bookkeeping. HLB HAMT has delivered both online and cloud-based auditing services in UAE. They can also help you in accounting system setup and training. This company was established in 1999 and is a member of HLB International, a global advisory and accounting network. 

The accounting company’s industries include:

  • Logistics
  • Retail sector
  • Hospitality and healthcare 
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Construction and real estate


KGRN was established in the UAE in 2007. This company is a member of Integra International. You can select its cloud accounting service through the Financial Force Accounting platform. You can also select to opt for extra services. KGRN can also assist you in licensing, business setup, and trademark requests.

10. RBS Accounting Firms

In Dubai, the RBS Dubai Audit Firms is an independent member of Abacus Worldwide. RBS Auditors works with local UAE-based companies and global corporations. This company follows the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The Accounting and Bookkeeping services The accounting and bookkeeping services encompass forensic, cost, and payroll accounting. Their team can work with existing accounting software like Oracle and Sage accounting. 

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